2024 Mazda Miata Sales: The Autoblog Miata Index

Welcome at the Autoblog Miata Index – the only car sales metric that really matters, at least in our own minds. What exactly are we doing here? Well, we count the number Mazda Miatas have been sold so far in 2024. Technically, we started counting Miata sales starting in 2023, but you get the point. Why? Well, we like Miatas, for starters, and as a measure of how much True Believers™ are out there buy cars, it’s as arbitrarily good (or bad) as anything else. As long as people are still buying our favorite little Japanese roadster, the prospects for enthusiasts can’t be all bad, right?

Although 2024 has been a slow year for our favorite roadster so far, April brought us the first good news: sales of the targa-style RF model actually increased last month compared to a year ago. What does that mean for the market? Well, nothing. This is a completely unscientific thing that we do entirely for our own amusement. And yours, hopefully. Let’s look at April’s numbers, shall we?

The numbers

Miata Sales April 2024:

  • Mazda Miata: 368 (-33.5%)
  • Mazda Miata RF: 493 (+19.1%)
  • Total: 861 (-11%)

YTD 2024 Miata Sales:

  • Mazda Miata: 825 (-56.5%)
  • Mazda Miata RF: 1,447 (-12.9%)
  • Total: 2,272 (-36.1%)

While we can easily blame the slow sales on winter, the cold season coincides with the North American winter each year, which makes that a poor excuse for disappointing figures. We’ll also note that the RF (the Targa-style folding roof) has outpaced the convertible every month so far, which makes sense for the dead of winter; That makes it unlikely that we are dealing with some statistical outlier. Miata sales will simply start slowly in 2024.

So far, 2024 appears to be a slower year for Mazda’s small convertible than 2023. Mazda sold 8,973 Miatas in the US last year – up 45.4% from 2022 – and 15.7% from total volume compared to 2019. So 2023 was a good year for the Miata – and it turns out that a pretty damn good year for the industry in general. At this rate, Mazda will only sell about 5,600 Miatas this year. Of course there is room for improvement.

The 2024 Miata gets an updated differential and an overhauled infotainment system that’s much feature richer and more enjoyable to use. But updates don’t always translate into sales improvements, especially when they involve production disruptions due to new parts or designs. While these updates include new components, fortunately they aren’t much different from what’s already shipping, limiting any disruption to production. Hopefully that means full speed ahead. Happy Miata-ing!

Note: Yes, this is nonsense. We are fully aware that it is foolish. This foolishness can turn into another form of foolishness for any (or no) reason at all. Watch this space. Or not. – Pain

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