An 8,000 km speed yacht trip to SouthernBM

After 12 hours in the air, Melbourne, Australia beckoned. Despite the jet lag, my excitement pushed me forward. With the taste of a hastily devoured burger still lingering, I straightened up SouthBM. No time to lose – the Speed ​​chase starts now.

This journey all started with a Bimmer buddy of mine bombarding my social media feed with images of SouthernBM’s Andrew Brien showing off a stunning green E92 BMW M3 racer and a vintage BMW 3.0 CSL. After enduring what felt like endless posts and messages, my curiosity was thoroughly piqued. I knew I had to make a pilgrimage from my home in Shanghai, China, to the ultimate independent BMW shrine in the Southern Hemisphere.


The excitement started as I turned onto Sullivan Street in Moorabbin. It might as well be called ‘BMW Boulevard’, given the many possibilities Bavarian motorcycle factory models parked along the road, many of the M variant.


As I stepped through the gates of SouthernBM, I was warmly greeted by Eric Wang, who led me to the Southern Classic Garage for a tour.


Connected to the main workshop, this space housed an impressive range of M cars, Alpinas and classic BMW models. These cars, some owned by the company executives, and others brought in by customers for maintenance, rebuilds and renovations, showcased the rich history and passion for craftsmanship within SouthernBM’s walls.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the M3 racer and the iconic 3.0 CSL.


However, there was little time for long-term admiration. My feet led me to the M5 with the bonnet open. Just like the adjacent E92 in matt Frozen Gray, both cars have a supercharger kit developed by SBM.


Thanks to immaculate lighting and pristine surroundings, SouthernBM’s seemingly haphazard arrangement of cars was nothing short of ingenious. Vehicles were strategically positioned on different levels, creating a captivating visual spectacle. To shoot this dynamic space filled me with excitement.


To be honest, I felt like I was in a time-bending amalgamation of the 1970s and 20s. The space exuded a charm that for me even surpassed that of the BMW Museum and evoked a sense of nostalgia and wonder.


When I entered the workshop, I saw Eric’s M2 Competition. This car, his daily track machine, even has its own dedicated Instagram accounta testament to his passion and dedication.


It may have been a real journey to get here, but a visit to SouthernBM filled me with a newfound appreciation for the artistry and dedication that goes into every BMW creation. I left, eagerly awaiting my next one Speed ​​chase adventure.

Bruno Han
Instagram: panin1x


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