Apple’s iPad event is on May 7!

Key learning points

  • Apple’s May 7 event will likely unveil new iPad Air and iPad Pro models with OLED displays and advanced features.

  • The next generation of Apple products could include a new Magic Keyboard, matte display variants, and a new Apple Pencil.

  • The event will be streamed live on the Apple Event website, Apple TV app and YouTube for easy access for viewers.

Apple has been rumored to announce new iPad models for a while now, and it looks like they’re finally coming next month. Apple has officially confirmed the next special event on May 7, 2024 at 7:00 AM PT (10:00 AM ET). The event invite, with the tagline “Let Loose,” shows an image of an Apple Pencil, hinting that the company may unveil new iPad models and the next generation Apple Pencil.

What can you expect from the iPad event?


According to rumors, Apple is likely to announce something new iPad Air and iPad Pro models. The new iPad Pro models may feature the latest M3 chipset and a significant upgrade with an OLED display, which would be a first for the iPad. While iPhones switched to the OLED display in 2017 – with the introduction of the iPhone X – the iPad Pro 202 4 models will be the first iPad with an OLED display. Apple could also offer a matte display variant.

Aside from OLED technology, the new iPad Pro models may have a sleeker design, making them significantly thinner than current models. The new iPad Pro models come with a new Magic Keyboard. The new Magic Keyboard will reportedly make the iPads “more like a laptop” with an all-new aluminum frame.


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In addition to the iPad ProApple is expected to unveil new iPad Air models. Rumors suggest that Apple may introduce a new 12.9-inch variant for the first time. These new iPad Air models could run on the M1/M2 chipset and a new mini-LED display, which will remain exclusive to the larger 12.9-inch model. In addition to the new iPad models, Apple is also expected to launch a new Apple Pencil.

Reports suggest that the new Apple Pencil could introduce a “pinch” gesture for certain actions and could even support Apple Vision Pro. Additionally, it could include Find My integration (a feature long requested by users) and possibly support magnetically interchangeable tips. All in all, we expect many exciting new Apple products on May 7, 2024.

How to watch Apple’s iPad event on May 7?

As usual, Apple will stream the May 7 event live on the Apple Event website, the Apple TV app, and YouTube. YouTube is the most convenient way to watch the event live as it can be accessed on all devices, including smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and even gaming consoles. You can find the YouTube link embedded above. To make it even easier for you, here are the starting times for different regions:

  • Pacific Time (PT): 9:00 AM

  • Eastern Time (ET): 10:00 AM

  • UK time (BST/GMT): 3pm

  • Central European Time (CET): 4:00 PM

  • Dubai Time (GST): 7:00 PM

  • Indian Time (IST): 7:30 PM

  • Australian time (AEST): May 8, 12:00 (midnight)

Apple hasn’t introduced new iPad models since late 2022, so it’s high time for some updates. While there have been no rumors of a new iPad mini or an entry-level iPad yet, Apple may have some surprises in store. What do you hope to see at the Apple event? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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