Apple’s iPad event on May 7 could reveal a big surprise

Key learning points

  • Apple could skip M3 chipsets for iPads in 2024 in favor of M4, bringing powerful AI capabilities to the device.

  • M4 series processors could position upcoming iPad models as Apple’s first “truly AI-powered devices.”

  • In addition to the M4 chip, a new Apple Pencil with a taptic engine for subtle feedback could be unveiled at the event.

Apple is gearing up for its big one “Let Loose” event next week. The Cupertino giant is expected to announce new iPad Pro and iPad Pro models at the event, along with a plethora of accessories including the next-generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. Ahead of the big reveal, reliable reporter Mark Gurman has revealed that Apple could be planning an interesting (and important) upgrade for its upcoming iPad models.

In his last To turn on newsletterGurman has stated that Apple could skip M3 chipsets for the 2024 iPad models in favor of next-generation M4 chipsets. Gurman suggests a “strong possibility” that these iPads will feature the M4 instead of the recently introduced M3 series chipsets. Apple introduced the M3 series with the late 2023 MacBook Pro models, but it looks like they could skip this iteration in favor of the M4 for the upcoming iPad models.

While a major upgrade is not planned, Apple’s M4 processor series is expected to offer a new and powerful neural engine for better AI capabilities on the device. Apple has been left behind on the AI ​​hype train, but the company could be catching up by introducing new AI features for iPhones with the debut of iOS 18 bee WWDC while at the same time preparing to launch M4-powered iPads as early as next week.

Gurman has even speculated that Apple could position the upcoming iPad models as the Cupertino giant’s first “truly AI-powered devices.” But what’s interesting here is that Apple is looking to refresh its chipset lineup only about six months after the launch of the previous generation. However, Gurman also revealed that Apple plans to update its entire Mac lineup with the M4 chip later this year.

In addition to the new chipset, the new iPad Pro models are expected to feature a new design for the first time with a slim profile, a relocated FaceTime camera and OLED displays. A new report from DSC suggests that Apple will use the very best OLED displays for these new iPad Pro models with high brightness, longer battery life and longevity.


Apple could use its own on-device LLM for AI features in iOS 18

After all, iOS 18 could come with AI features that run ‘completely on the device’.

The Apple Pencil may also receive an interesting upgrade

iPad Pro M2 Apple Pencil hover
Source: Apple

In addition to the upcoming iPads with the Apple M4 chip, Gurman revealed that Apple plans to unveil a new Apple Pencil. According to the report, this new Apple Pencil will integrate a small taptic engine, which will provide subtle feedback when users switch brushes or perform specific actions. This feature could be related to the rumored addition of a new ‘pinch’ gesture to the upcoming Apple Pencil.

Gurman also reiterated that Apple plans to unveil a new 12.9-inch iPad Air and a new Magic Keyboard at the upcoming event. Luckily we don’t have to wait much longer as the event is only a week away. What do you hope to see during the event on May 7? Let us know in the comments below!

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