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Nadeem Anjarwalla, a Binance executive detained by Nigerian authorities, has reportedly escaped custody, confirmed by Binance to CryptoSlate. Meanwhile, Tigran Gambaryan, another detained Binance executive and US citizen, remains in custody.

A representative from Binance confirmed that Nadeem is no longer held in Nigerian custody. The company’s foremost concern remains the safety of its employees, and efforts are underway in cooperation with Nigerian authorities to swiftly address this matter.

The Nigerian authorities have levied tax evasion charges and complicity in tax fraud against Binance Holdings and the detained executives, with the case pending trial at the Federal High Court.

Anjarwalla, a dual citizen of Kenya and the UK, reportedly absconded on March 22 during Friday prayers at a mosque in Abuja. He purportedly used a Kenyan passport to board a flight operated by a Middle Eastern airline, raising questions about how he obtained this passport as he possessed no travel documents except his British passport when taken into custody.

Speculations suggest Anjarwalla might have planned his escape, potentially leveraging privileges granted during detention, such as access to telephones. While Nigerian authorities have not released an official statement, covert operations are speculated to be ongoing to ascertain his location and facilitate his return to custody.

This development further complicates tensions between Nigeria and Binance, with authorities accusing the exchange of exacerbating foreign exchange challenges and manipulating rates for personal gain. The exchange’s website has been blocked, and two senior executives were detained in an attempt to address concerns.

Despite a High Court directive for Binance to provide data related to Nigerian users to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the exchange has not yet complied. The detention of executives has drawn condemnation from international crypto organizations, particularly in the US and Kenya, criticizing the actions of the Nigerian government.

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