Bitcoin ‘screams huge opportunity’ amid gold’s all-time high

This Tuesday, gold prices rose to a new high, reaching $2,266.85, marking the third straight day of record highs. The precious metal started the day trading just below $2,250 but rose to a new record high, slightly above the previous day’s peak. Amid this rise in gold prices, the cryptocurrency sector, especially Bitcoin, is believed to be on the verge of significant gains.

Gold up, Bitcoin down = huge opportunity

Ted, a prominent figure in the crypto space known on Twitter as @tedtalksmacro, shared his insights via Talkingmacro. He shed light on the current volatility in the crypto markets and interpreted these fluctuations not only as instability, but also as a beacon of opportunity.

Ted articulated, “Short-term volatility = opportunity. Amid this drop in crypto, I’m anchoring my view around the macro picture through the end of the year… it screams HUGE opportunity.” His perspective is deeply rooted in the broader economic indicators, specifically pointing to the continued depreciation of the US dollar, which in particular has fueled the rise of gold and, by extension, points to a bullish forecast for BTC.

Bitcoin vs gold
Bitcoin vs Gold | Source: talkingmacro

“The story is very strong for gold and therefore for BTC,” Ted explains, attributing gold’s rise to a weakening dollar, falling interest rates and escalating inflation – all factors exacerbated by accelerating fiscal spending and the expected policy easing by the Federal Reserve. This confluence of factors not only strengthens the appeal of gold, but also strengthens its value case for Bitcoin as its digital counterpart in this new financial era.

Highlighting the inherent correlation between gold and Bitcoin, Ted underlines: “A correlation I have been pointing out for a long time… I believe BTC will catch up to gold in due course.” Despite the apparent difference in the performance of these two assets, he attributes this to temporary market dynamics such as trader positioning, which he believes is currently mainly affecting Bitcoin.

Nevertheless, the fundamental reasons for the rise in both assets – lower rates, higher inflation and specifically for Bitcoin, the upcoming halving and the inflows into the Spotting ETFs– remain robust.

Focusing on the recent market movements, Ted warned at the start of the week about the excessive optimism among traders regarding long leveraged positions. This over-indebtedness has now been corrected, leading to healthier market conditions. “We have OI-weighted funding back at baseline levels – a very healthy development to prepare for the next step up,” he noted, signaling a reset that could pave the way for Bitcoin’s next phase of growth.

The cautious optimism is also colored ahead of the upcoming key US employment figures, with Ted saying: “I’m wary of the key US employment figures on Friday, but I expect the bulls to pick up the pieces here. soon.” This reflects the belief in the resilience of bullish sentiment towards Bitcoin, supported by a macroeconomic backdrop that favors long-term growth.

Bitcoin cannot be devalued

In a similar vein, Bitcoin advocate Stack Hodler has contributed to the discourse on He noticed:

Every investor needs to understand this one chart. Gold and US bonds together used to be a conservative store of value assets. But then the US got itself into a trap and in 2020 the market called BS on US bonds. This is a big problem (…) The market decided that with annual deficits of several trillion dollars (…) US bonds will not be repaid until 2020. ‘printed’ money.

Gold vs US Bonds
Gold vs. US Bonds | Source: X @stackhodler

These criticisms of fiscal policy underscore growing skepticism toward traditional fiat currencies and debt instruments, positioning Bitcoin as an alternative that offers scarcity and resistance to debasement. “Bitcoin is a finite asset that cannot be devalued… Ignore daily volatility,” Stack Hodler advises investors, underscoring the importance of understanding Bitcoin’s long-term value proposition against the backdrop of fiat currency degradation.

His message is a loud call for patience and strategic investments in Bitcoin, advocating a cautious approach that focuses on accumulation over time.

At the time of writing, BTC was trading at $65,729.

Bitcoin price
BTC price, 4-hour chart | Source: BTCUSD on

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