Check out these Speedhunters Customs in NFS Unbound Vol. 7 – Drifting and dragging

Four new volumes will be published during 2024 NFS unbound and today’s launch of Full. 7 is good news for Speedhunters fans in more ways than one.

First of all, it is centered Drifting and dragging – two motorsport disciplines that Speedhunters has supported (and adored) since its launch in 2008. But secondly – ​​and more importantly – we’ve created two Speedhunters customs just for this latest installment.


Before we get to those cars, there’s going to be some cleaning to do on our part before the comments section kicks off. Earlier this year we announced that we would be working closely together Need for speed to bring the Speedhunters audience not only game-specific updates, but also custom stories such as a history lesson about Audi’s quattrotogether with (useful) a look at the evolution of drift and resistance over the years.


It’s a little known fact that EA Games has played a major role in the Speedhunters project since day one, and given how many of us grew up with racing titles like Need for speed, it seemed like a no-brainer to bring the two entities closer together. Provided there is added value for both readers and gamers.


Now, onto the good stuff. Part 7. Drift and drag is officially released today and is the second of four parts to be added NFS unbound this year. We’ve already seen the return of Audi Need for speed and a new PVP mode from Full. 6, but the latest addition will take that gaming experience to a whole new level.

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Early in the Need for speed press release, four words immediately raised our eyebrows: “inspired by NFS Underground”. How many of you remember this absolute gem from 2003? Whether it’s the soundtrack (which is still solid even by 2024 standards) or the simple fact that it took car customization to a level never seen before, NFS underground remains one of those gaming mainstays in the car tuning world and was an entry point into the scene for many of us. So every mention of it is worth getting excited about.


Full. 7 reintroduces Drift and Drag modes (including new Drift tires for improved controls in specialized builds), along with a new League progression that we’ll cover soon. But the real party piece comes in the form of two new, fully customizable vehicles to play with: the 2024 Ford Mustang Dark Horse and the 2023 BMW M3 Touring.

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Both cars can be considered Speedhunters bread and butter. With this in mind, the team at EA Games has allowed us to create our own Speedhunters customs as unlockable models to appear in Full. 7. Don’t worry, we have a much bigger story planned about this whole process and how a car like the M3 Touring gets a drift-spec makeover.


A huge amount of credit goes to EA Games’ Speedhunters regular (and car design guru) Bryn Alban, who was tasked with designing and rendering the two Speedhunters customs. The M3 Touring follows a more street/drift style – the kind of car you’d expect from Final Bout with deep work wheels, a widened exterior finished in almost olive green and a great stance to tie it together.


As for the Mustang, it’s a murdered drag monster. We’re talking weld wheels, giant rear slicks, an alloy drag spoiler and a parachute thrown in for good measure. Certainly, Full. 7 maybe inspired by Underground, but we got a little spice out of it NFS Prostrate with this Mustang.


Both Customs are available with the optional Premium Speed ​​Pass, which gives you immediate access to both cars, their three bodykits and three Rare Custom versions. And that’s before you’ve unlocked the 30 additional levels of content (on top of the 45 levels of the regular Speed ​​Pass), including LED and LCD bezels that even replace the old boost meter of Underground as a cool nod to the past.


It’s also worth noting that the regular Speed ​​Pass gets 45 levels of unlocks and access to the M3 Touring, along with a Underground-inspired drag car, character skins and new cosmetics.


What about the League? Simply put, the League revitalizes the competitive spirit of NFS underground, allowing you to challenge new Rival Racers in head-to-head battles and a community challenge that requires a collective effort to unlock the final boss and claim a new custom. Expect rivals to appear regularly with new competitions on the way, delivering a much richer single-player experience especially in Free Roam.


We are truly excited about this latest installment Untethered, and the team of Need for speed is also very curious about your feedback.


We may be heavily biased about which customs are our favorite, but we would like to see it too your creations in the comments.


If you’re still not sure which volume to choose, here are two more Drifting and dragging, and we already know that the next part will be inspired by another classic NFS title – Hot chase. We will bring you more news soon.

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