Is Bitcoin better than gold? Not everyone agrees

While many financial experts and crypto investors to believe that Bitcoin could potentially surpass gold as universal store of valuerenowned economist and global strategist, Peter Schiff has consistently compared BTC’s potential to that of gold, claiming that the cryptocurrency pales in comparison.

Schiff champions gold over Bitcoin

In a series of X (formerly Twitter) posts, Schiff explains his position in more detail advocating gold as a better investment alternative to Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency. The financial economist also revealed a remarkable inequality in the economy price of Bitcoin compared to gold.

According to Schiff, BTC recently experienced a price drop of more than $3,000 in “10 minutes,” indicating a 4.5% drop in total prize value. He stated that this drop would be equivalent to a $100 drop in gold within the same time frame.

While emphasizing The price drop of BTCSchiff revealed that gold outperformed, showing a modest rebound and poised for further gains. The economist Also emphasized a lack of transparency from platforms like CNBC, claiming the business channel was a “paid promoter of Bitcoin.”

He revealed that CNBC had “yet again” ignored gold’s recent all-time high, claiming the network was dedicated to promoting gold. BTC, which may be adding to the price pump. Furthermore, Schiff revealed that underlines the inability of the Bitcoin-to-gold ratio to reach an all-time high Bitcoin’s limited potential compared to gold.

The famous economist argued that Bitcoin’s inability to reach a new high relative to gold undermines its case for its status digital goldwhich may indicate that the cryptocurrency is not suitable as the ultimate digital store of value. He has consistently praised the value and potential of gold, to reveal Earlier on April 1, it was announced that the precious metal will yield significant returns, which may surprise investors and banks.

Financial expert says: buy more BTC

While Schiff discourages members of the crypto community from investing in BitcoinRobert Kiyosaki, the author of the best-selling novel “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” did just that insisted investors and crypto enthusiasts to acquire the valuable digital asset.

In a recent X-post, Kiyosaki advised the broader crypto community to buy real Bitcoin, which highlights the lack of value of fiat currencies such as the dollar and the Chinese yen. The financial author’s perspective on BTC’s is in clear contrast to BTC’s Schiff, who has consistently criticized the cryptocurrency and undermined its value in relation to gold.

Despite the rivalry between the two valuable assets, the current price of Bitcoin remains high at $66,537, while the price of gold has risen to $2,261.

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