Jeep Wagoneer S EV gets first teaser video, Model Y gets a cameo

It’s been about four months since we last had a good look at the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer S battery-electric SUV. That was back in January Jeep revealed an interior with what appears to be four screens and power doors. Now we’ve shot a video at Willow Springs International Motorsports Park in Rosamond, California, showing the Jeep on the straightaway next to a Tesla Model Y Performance. Except the two vehicles don’t run a full race — the story makes it clear that this is a metaphor for Jeep getting ready to compete against America’s best-selling electric car, so the two hit the road together and mostly pose for the camera.

However, a stopwatch pops up, just like the Wagoner S nose forward. The timing clock reads 3.4 seconds flat, a title explaining that the time came minus an initial rollout. A 0-60 of 3.4 seconds beats the Model Y The official time of the feat of 3.5 seconds, the Teslas also subtract time from a rollout. To achieve this feat, the Wagoneer S’s engines deliver 600 horsepower and 617 pound-feet of torque, compared to the Model Y’s estimated 550 horsepower and 487 lb-ft. After the loss, the Tesla sees itself out of the track gates .

With an estimated range of more than 500 kilometers on a battery charge, the Wagoneer S can also travel at least 34 kilometers further than the Model Y Performance. This is all useful until you consider that the Tesla starts at just over $52,000, before incentives; The Jeep is thought to start at around $80,000 and go up to around $100,000.

But the title of the video is “Outdo Yourself,” so the real competition is internal, namely the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk that also gets a 0-60 of 3.5 seconds and started for almost $92,000 when it was last on sale. And for $92,000, you might want to look at one Rivian R1S with four motors, 835 hp and 908 lb-ft, a blast to 60 mph in 3.0 seconds and an estimated range of 321 miles on a charge.

However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. The Jeep is still in the teaser phase, so let’s just enjoy the video.

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