Larger electric Porsche crossover captured in new spy photos

Porsche was caught testing a new all-electric SUV early Tuesday, with multiple spies getting in touch to offer us early examples of a new model clearly intended to top the Macan EV. How far above that is a matter of debate, our spies and other media suggest this is the case new three-row Porsche K1 – but when we look at it, we’re more inclined to believe this is an electrified two-rower. Cayenne EV, is that you?

The EV part is pretty much a lock; we have earwitness accounts from our spies testifying to the silence of the prototype. Plus, one look at the nose tells you everything you need to know. If this car has an internal combustion engine, it could really hold its breath. As for which EV is hiding under the camouflage, well, that’s where things get a little weird. Our doubts mainly arise from the visible space behind the back door – or rather: the lack thereof.

Below you can see a comparison of the prototype with the current one 2024 Porsche Cayenne. Look where the door meets the rear wheel well. If this were a three-row SUV, we’d expect that point to be further forward (or for the two not to meet at all, if there’s a significant stretch). If there was a third row lurking behind that, as West Coast editor James Riswick so succinctly put it, people probably wouldn’t want to live in it.

Also note that Porsche seems to have paid a lot of attention to the camouflage of the rear window on this prototype. The “chrome” around that part of the greenhouse was added on purpose, and there’s clearly something completely different going on underneath that vinyl. From this vantage point we can see less of the wagon profile and more of the Cayenne’s blunt rear end, especially when we see how much of the definition in the rear profile comes from the contrast of the Cayenne’s paint finish with the black aerodynamic trim below. its rear spoiler. The black camouflage integrates nicely with this.

We don’t know much about the Cayenne EV, other than the fact that Porsche says it’s coming (as confirmed in the same story above where Porsche acknowledged the K1). Just like its smaller four-door cousin, the Panamerait is fully electric and hybridized variants will likely coexist under the same nameplate for a while; From this point on you don’t expect anything more Taycans or K1s, unless Porsche expands into a space that one of its existing vehicles does not yet serve.

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