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The Google Pixel 7a may not be the most popular smartphone out there, but it’s certainly one of the best mid-range smartphones you can buy today. But with Google I/O 2024 just around the corner, it means it’s time for the next-generation mid-range Pixel smartphone. Ahead of its official debut, leaks and rumors have revealed almost everything about the Pixel 8a, including its specs, features, design, and expected price. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the Pixel 8a before it launches next month.


Here’s why you should (and shouldn’t) buy the Google Pixel 7a now

The Pixel 7a is a great budget Android phone, but with the Pixel 8a coming out soon, it might be worth waiting before making a purchase.

Design and display

Pixel 8a rumor page photos 2

It didn’t take long before we got our first glimpse of the Pixel 8a. In fact, the first renders of the device, which have proven accurate in recent weeks, even leaked before the official launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. What can you expect? As expected with the A series, the Pixel 8a offers a similar look to the Pixel 8 series devices, albeit with the typical compromises.

While the overall size remains similar to the Pixel 8, leaked renders (via Smartprix) suggest that the Pixel 8a will have more rounded edges and a curved back. The Pixel 8a, based on the renders, appears more round and chunky Pixel8. Fortunately, the aluminum camera visor is still there, but there are noticeable thick bezels on the front. More about this can be found below.

Leaked practical images (via Abishek Yadav) unveil the Pixel 8a in a light blue color, similar to that of last year’s Pixel 7a. According to a leak from WinFuturethe Pixel 8a can be available in four colors: ‘Obsidian’ (black), ‘Porcelain’ (beige), ‘Bay’ (light blue) and ‘Mint’ (light green). A recent one leak on X from Arsène Lupine showed the device from different angles in all these colors (shown below).

Although the bezels on the front are a bit thicker than expected, the screen of the Google Pixel 8a is in for a major upgrade. Leaks reveal that the Pixel 8a will feature an OLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, a step up from the Pixel 7a’s 90Hz panel. This upgraded panel is also expected to be brighter, reaching a peak brightness of 1400 nits compared to the Pixel 7a’s 1000 nits. In addition, there are rumors that Google will opt for more durable glass protection for the Pixel 8a with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus.


Tensor G3 official image

As for specs, the Pixel 8a is rumored to feature the Tensor G3 chipset, the same as in the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. However, some reports suggest that the Tensor G3 on the Pixel 8a may be slightly underclocked compared to its more expensive counterparts.

In terms of AI capabilities, the Pixel 8a is expected to offer the same features as the Pixel 8 series, including new additions such as Best Take in photos, Magic Audio Eraser and Smart Replies in Gboard. However, Gemini Nano is unlikely to be supported on the device. The only Pixel 8 model that supports Gemini Nano for now is the top-end Pixel 8 Pro.

Pixel 8a rumor page photos 8

The Pixel 8a will definitely work too Android 14 out of the box, with Android 15 currently in beta testing. While the Pixel 8 series introduced extended software update support, offering up to seven years of major OS updates, and while the Pixel 8a will run on the same chipset – Tensor G3 – the Pixel 8a is expected to have a more modest three Android will receive upgrades and five years of security patches.

Other rumored specs include 8GB of RAM and 128GB base storage, with reports suggesting a new 256GB storage option may be available, a first for the Pixel A series. The battery is expected to be slightly larger at 4,500 mAh than the Pixel 7a’s 4,385 mAh, which could improve battery life slightly. In wired charging, however, there’s a big upgrade on the way, with the Pixel 8a offering 27W wired charging, a big improvement over the Pixel 7a’s 18W charging.


Pixel 8a rumor page photos 2

The Google Pixel 7a brought a major camera upgrade over the Pixel 6a. Google switched from a 12.2MP primary camera sensor to a 64MP camera lens, and the ultrawide camera also saw an upgrade from 12MP to a new 13MP sensor. However, since Google upgraded the camera system last year, no major upgrades are expected for the Pixel 8a.

This means the Pixel 8a will likely retain a dual camera configuration, consisting of a 64MP primary camera and a 13MP ultrawide camera – and no optical telephoto zoom lens. The front selfie camera is expected to remain unchanged at 13 MP. This means the Pixel 8a probably won’t be a huge camera upgrade over the Pixel 7a.

However, you can still expect improvements over the previous generation thanks to the Tensor G3’s new Image Signal Processor (ISP) and the new AI software features that the Pixel 8 series brought with it.

Price and release date rumors

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Google increased the price of the Pixel 7a, Pixel 8, and Pixel 8 Pro compared to their respective predecessors in 2023. Now, another price hike appears to be on the horizon. Leaked information from WinFuture suggests the Pixel 8a could see a $50 increase in the US and a €60 increase in Europe. This would put the starting price at $549 and €570 for the base 128GB model, while the 256GB variant could be priced at $599 and €630.

In terms of release date, you can expect the Pixel 8a to arrive in the summer. Google will likely officially unveil the device at I/O 2024 next month, and it should be available shortly after the announcement. Last year, the Pixel 7a arrived shortly after the I/O event. In addition, there are reports suggesting that Google will expand its product availability in Europe this year, with the Pixel 8a launching in countries such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. .

Done! That’s all the information we have about the Pixel 8a for now. Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long for official details and to get our hands on the device as the launch is only a few weeks away. In the meantime, tell us what you hope to see in the next generation of Google A-series phones. Let us know in the comments below!

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