Supercar Fest: The Runway 2024

Getting up close to some of the world’s most sought-after supercars and hypercars is one thing, but seeing them at full throttle on a mile-long straight is another.

For participants in Supercar Fest’s flagship event, The Runway, last weekend was another opportunity to witness this.

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Sam Cherry Supercar Fest on track-37

The event took place in 2019, two years after Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire built a brand new concrete runway. It was the perfect place for some of the fastest production cars in Britain to put on a show.

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The location has a rich history, dating back to the Second World War when it was known as RAF Sywell. Tiger Moth pilots were trained here and Wellington bombers repaired. The 1969 film Battle of Britain Starring Sir Michael Caine, part of the filming was also done here.

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Although the runway is the main attraction of the event – ​​and where an Aston Martin Valkyrie reached speeds of 200mph last year – there is always plenty more to explore, including the Supercar Paddock and the First Point Hypercar Zone.

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All the cars up for grabs in the Iconic & Classic Car Auction, organized by Iconic Auctioneers, also provided good visibility. There was something for everyone, from European classics to some sweet Japanese offerings.

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Ciro Ciampi from Petrol hedonism was in his element as the voice of the event, imparting his knowledge and interviewing the drivers as they made their way to the paddocks or prepared to leave the starting line.

Among the sea of ​​ultra-modern machinery was a selection of elegant sports and supercars from the past. Highlights for me were this Lamborghini Countach and a couple of Ford GT40s in iconic Gulf liveries – they all sounded sublime.

Sam Cherry Supercar Fest the track-36

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Gumball Rally this year, an incredible selection of supercars dressed in official rally colors passed through the portal. The sound of one of these machines is beautiful enough on its own, but a whole ensemble – that’s music to the ears.

Sam Cherry Supercar Fest the track-29

Of all the cars that raced down the runway, one stood out above the others for me. Nothing came close to the acceleration of the nearly 2,000 horsepower all-electric Lotus Evija, and most people were left speechless.

Sam Cherry Supercar Fest at Runway-24
Sam Cherry Supercar Fest on track-27
Sam Cherry Supercar Fest the track-39

I’ll be back in Sywell next year, same time.

Samuel Cherry
Instagram: Samgkers

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