The Polestar 3 will add rear-wheel drive equipment later this year

North Starrecently separated from the Volvo mothership, continues to work some teething problems at home while at the same time navigating a new EV landscape with a small and not exactly cheap model range. Thanks to price cuts announced in March, the… Polestar 3 from 2025 Double long range engine with Pilot The package starts at $74,800 after the $1,400 destination charge. That gives buyers a four-wheel drive intersection Making 489 horsepower and 620 pound-feet of torque, it can travel an estimated 315 miles on a charge. The Pilot Pack adds Pilot Assist, Park Assist Pilot, Lane Change Assist and a head-up display. Australia Driving force reports that the automaker’s global head of communications said at a recent media launch that a rear-wheel drive 3 is on the way for global markets later this year.

Naturally, company representatives don’t want to say much about what’s to come, so details will have to wait “a few months from now when it’s time for launch.” The technical specifications that have been entrusted to us for the time being specify the same rear motor as in the Long Range Dual Motor trim, with the e-motor delivering 241 hp. Polestar also sticks to 111 kWh battery pack in the twin-engine cars.

That should give a nice range over the dual-motor version, but we’ll have to see prices before we can make an assessment. Although the 3 is slightly larger than one Tesla Model Ythe brand’s luxury prices are in the middle Ford And Tesla competition below, and BMW And Mercedes competition above. The new, lower price of the 3 is $100 less than an entry-level model Rivian R1Sthe Rivaans a larger SUV with three rows.

So it seems unlikely that the Polestar 3 RWD will come close to the MSRP of something like the Ford Mustang Mach-E which starts at around $50,000 in Premium trim with an extended range battery good for an estimated 520 miles, or the Tesla Model Y which starts at around $46,000 in Long Range RWD trim and gets an estimated range of 520 miles – both prices before any potential tax credits. That Rivian can get some credit too.

However, there could be good news for Polestar on that front. The first cars to be reached trader The lots will be assembled in Chengdu sometime this quarter, China, meaning buyers looking to purchase won’t be able to claim the $7,500 federal tax credit. The only way to claim the credit is by rent the 3. The automaker says it plans to bring production of the 3 to the US “by mid-2024.” We’ve read that initial production testing at the Ridgeville, South Carolina factory has been completed, so the timeline could hold and anyone willing to wait a few months before purchasing the Polestar could see some relief from the MSRP to get.

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